What is ConnectingSpaces?

ConnectingSpaces is an architectural/consulting firm that takes a unique 3D approach to maximize a client's vision and mission. Through Discovery, Design, and Delivery an organization's vision and mission can be branded throughout their organization and facilities.

Discovering Your Vision - As a strategic planning facilitator, ConnectSpaces, leads the client through a Discovery Process. The Discovery process identifies the organization's DNA, Community, Resources, and Brand.

Designing Your Vision - The Design process is about strategizing and selecting the appropriate strategy; programming the selected strategy; creating a design that maximizes the client's brand; and communicating the strategy and design to the organization.

Delivering Your Vision - Delivering the vision starts with an implementation strategy that maximize Resources, Building the Vision, Living the Vision

Who is ConnectingSpaces?

Don Highlander has over thirty years of design experience. His experience ranges from religious architecture to health care design, from educational facilities to housing. His extensive experience in religious facilities has lead to the construction of over 300 churches in several states, Russia and Japan. His health care experience has included master planning for academic medical centers and the design of physician office complexes.

Kimberly Cope provides marketing and project management services. She is the "connection" that holds the project together. For many of our clients, Kim provides the main point of contact.

Chris Gaone performs much of the behind the scenes work. As a graduate architect, his extensive expertise in computer tools has made Chris a lead in BIM and animations.

Rich Bourgault provides strategic planning consulting.

Why ConnectingSpaces?

Many times ConnectingSpaces is not the first architect or builder the organization has worked with. Most of the competition does not sign up for the whole process. They often are not ready to make a commitment for a project may take several years to develop.

ConnectingSpaces leads the entire process which improves our success rate dramatically. We are able to help overcome any hurdle that may present itself. From helping discover the vision, designing the vision, to delivering the vision in manageable phases, we are there to serve.

We will assist your organization in determining the best construction method for you and your project. ConnectingSpaces has worked extensively incorporating volunteer labor.