DNA is all about your organization, who it wants to become and how it is going to get there. Sounds simple, but many organizations struggle to discover what makes them unique. They have always done things a certain way and many times have lost sight of their vision. Why does organization exist? What is our vision? What is our mission?


Organizations exist for the communities they serve. What do you know about the community you server? Does your organization reflect the community and can it relate to it?


Often resources go untapped and maybe even undiscovered. Leaders are sometimes afraid to ask their supporters for assistance. In this new age, organizations are going to have to look not only inside but beyond their circles to expand resources.


Your unique DNA, your commitment to community, and your ability to expand your resources define your brand. Your brand should be reflected in your vision and mission, even in your facilities.



Strategizing is a key first step to design but often skipped? Multiple strategies are seldom developed and evaluated to determine the strategy that is the best. The "Big Idea" of the selected strategy should be clear.


Programming is developing a list of items and their priority that need to be incorporated into the design. Goals and objectives are developed to guide the design process.


Like strategizing it is important to develop multiple design options. The options need to be tested by how clearly they reflect the vision, how they solve the strategy, and meet the program. Also the design has to be responsible to the available resources. Phasing of the design implementation may be needed.


It is important that your supporters understand the design and why it is needed. It needs to be clear how the design implements the vision.



The best plans are useless unless implemented. How can you get from design to delivery? This is where most projects fail. One has to be just as creative in this phase as in the design phase. Creating an appropriate implementation plan is the key.


Maximizing resources may be more than just a Capital Campaign. Are their partnerships that can be built to make delivering the vision possible? Is there volunteer labor that can reduce the cost of the project? Are there banks that lend to your type of organization or is a bond program a possibility?

Building The Vision

There are multiple construction delivery methods. . ConnectingSpaces will assist in determining the delivery method that is most appropriate for your organization and your project.

Living The Vision

Living the vision is the most important step. It is why the organization exists. The final product should be a plan with facilities that allow the organization to live the vision every day.